Saturday, August 14, 2010

Final Documentary - A New Frontier

For the past three days we've been shooting our final documentary videos at the Howard County Fair.  It's the final stretch, and the VPD students realized they were standing within sight of the end of school.

Many also realized they were standing in pig manure. 

We split up into several teams to cover whatever aspect of the fair we chose.  This group is covering a pig race.  They set up four cameras to get every angle and interviewed the owners and audience members.

Scaringi's group decided to tell the story of this master wood sculptor.  They spent their days covered in wood chips.

My group shot the amusement rides section.  Getting to know the ride operators lead to some good interviews.

Getting the camera down to kid level is important in an interview.  These two girls were pretty nervous but their mom couldn't stop smiling.

The man on the golf cart ran the front entrance and drove us all over the place.  When we needed a long shot of the fair, he taxied us to the perfect spot.

The upside to shooting at a fair is the food!  D'Ambrogi gives some funnel cake to a giddy Scaringi.

Guibert and Ropp introduced me to honey sticks.  I'm not a big fan of honey, but these were very alright.

Demon the miniature horse likes people.  He was like a big dog.  I have no idea why his name is Demon.

Soldiers and Marines play happily together on the swings.  Awwwww!

Pops dragged me onto the Zipper.  The hands on the right belong to a very unhappy Sailor.

On the ride home, Percell shows his newly-won prize to an unappreciative Gibson.

All the kids went to sleep with Uncle Slaughter watching over them.  Seriously, this photo isn't even posed.

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  1. The photo at the bottom is just hilarious!