Thursday, August 5, 2010

Health & Comfort

Health & Comfort is Navy code for:

"You better not have anything illegal because everything's getting searched."

That's what happened yesterday.  After school everyone mustered in the day room and was told to go stand outside their rooms.  While me and the other 'C' schoolers patrolled the p-way, an army of instructors, including our new OIC (Officer In Charge), searched every room for alcohol, drugs, pornography, etc.

A student prepares to open his door for a 2nd class petty officer to search.  Most were fine.  Some ended up wishing they'd followed the rules.  Hopefully this was a wake up call for Sailors here.  This is the military, and it doesn't pay to roll the dice.

Afterwards, Chief Currie and our OIC, Lieutenant Commander Cummings, talked to the students about the importance of keeping your sh*t straight.  Cleanliness was the big focus, as a few of the rooms were kind of nasty.  Mama ain't here to tell you to clean your room!

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