Saturday, August 28, 2010

Journey's End, Part 2

Four months of pain, struggle, and hugging came to a glorious end when the class of VPD 050-10 graduated from the Defense Information School on August 24, 2010.

Before graduation, the instructors made sure everyone looked not just presentable, but precisely perfect.  No one was really sure how the Sailors were supposed to look, so I just took shots of the Soldiers taking the brunt of the inspection.

The Army's dress uniform has a lot of stuff on it.  Everything has specific measurements.  The ribbons have to be a certain distance from the medal below it, and so on.

That means more to measure.  And more for Sergeant Mitchell's sharp eye to find unsat.


Smith works on correcting her jacket while Youmans thinks about how happy he is to pass inspection.


Graduation was great, and the room was filled with lots of "HUAs".  Staff Sergeant Hernandez
was the guest speaker.  His advice to the class was very poignant.  He said "enjoy what you do".

I've had a lot of instructors in my year here, and the ones that enjoy their work are the most effective teachers and role models.  And the branches that place value in this role see the investment pay off with motivated, well-educated men and women.

My Uncle Gilbert is a U.S. Navy veteran, and had many good words of advice for me.

He served as a cook, and advised:  "Get to know the cooks!"

It's always good to have family around, and they were out in force once again.  From left: Uncle Gilbert, Aunt Ruth, Lois Slaughter (ma), Aunt Martha Hinkley, Danny Hinkley, Glenn Slaughter (dad), Kathy Slaughter, Grandma Jean.

On a side note, Corporal Elorza has been unhappy with me lately for not including him in the blog more.  He's informing me of this in the above photo.

Here's the last bit of fame I can offer you...bask in it my friend.

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