Sunday, August 8, 2010

Navy leaders (studying for E-4)

 Section Leaders must "walk the talk" knowing they are role models.

So I'm sitting here studying for the E-4 advancement exam, which I'm eligible to take next month.  There's ALOT of stuff to study.  I have to get back to it, but I wanted to post an example of what I'm reading.  Here's a couple of excerpts that represent a recurring theme:

"Recognize your position as a leader and a role model. “Walk the talk,” knowingyour actions influence others."

"Be concerned with, and responsible for, the well-being of those in your charge. Be universally fair to all, regardless of the situation."

I've worked for a lot of organizations, and this kind of stuff was almost always absent in the training manuals.  For over three years, I was a quality control manager in a video editing firm that invested ZERO formal leadership training in its people.  

I know the world is not black and white, but those excerpts are the real deal.  It's what works in leadership roles.  I tell new Section Leaders the most important thing they can do is "care."  If you care about your people, everything else usually falls into place.

/sigh Blogging is so much more fun than studying...

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