Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Navy Officer - Pool Shark

As I leaned around the doorway to sneak a shot of LT, I realized my ninja skills were no match.  She was already watching me.

WARNING:  This blog may soon fall short of the "new post every other day" target.  (it already has)  I'm studying for E-4.  I graduate on Tuesday and go on leave until I fly out to San Diego shortly after.  I play on the beach on leave, and try to take a break from computers.

My new duty station is the USS Nimitz.  I may try to catch up on the huge backlog of posts, from Fort Meade amenities, to HART, to ... /sigh

And now:

A belated sendoff to Lieutenant Renee Soltes!

I've been here long enough to see an almost complete change in the DINFOS Navy detachment's chain of command.  LT was the last to leave, after CS2 Preston and Chief Carter. 

We hold meetings (quarters) in the mornings and afternoons, and she was always right there to give words of wisdom.  Every Friday, she gave a weekend speech that covered topics that were sometimes pretty sensitive.  (ex: unprotected sex) 

Lt. Soltes was the final say, the stern force against which every action ultimately would be judged.  A former chief, she cared about our success as Sailors, and took her job very seriously.  After all, it's not every day you're trusted to care for 100 newbies, many of whom are away from home for the first time.

Thank you for everything.  Best of luck to you at your next duty station ma'am!

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