Sunday, February 28, 2010

The bubble taunts us

Arzola wonders why the bubble hates her.
As we move into our second week of EJC (Electronic Journalism Course), we're learning all sorts of new things. One area that has been "fun" is keeping the camera straight and level as it sits on the tripod. Simple in theory. Aiding us in this task are what I call Bubble Buddies. The tripod's BBs rest in liquid and must be maneuvered into a tiny little circle of "levelness" before shooting. This is done by adjusting the length of the tripod's legs. Over...and..over...and...over.
After our school day ends, we come back to the detachment to shoot practice assignments. Here Jandik helps Wray white balance using a white piece of paper. The assignment for him was to create a 60 second news story about the importance of Navy students balancing school work with proper uniform appearance.
MC2 Vernon reviews footage from a practice assignment I've just edited on Adobe Premier.
He's looking for proper exposure, focus, camera stability, sound levels, time constraint,
voiceover quality, and more.
Wray shoots a wall of WWII photos for a news package.

Chief Shavers goes over final instructions at the end of the day.

Our first graded assignment is tomorrow!


  1. That girl Arzola is so pretty :)

    sincerely ARZOLA!

  2. You guys use Premier? Interesting... I myself am an AVID girl, unless of course, you hand me a Mac, then I'm all over Final Cut.

    MC3 Robertson

  3. I used Avid Express DV on my PowerMac in college...crashed ALL the time but I liked it.

    I'd like to get my hands on Final Cut. I remember it having an effect that made text type out like on a typewriter.