Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Macro photography - Leaving CSI in the dust

Part of our job is to take photos of damaged equipment and crime scenes. Training in close-up, or macro, photography is facilitated with some really cool gear.

Seaman Recruit Jandik lends Seaman Cheek a hand as she practices shooting with the ring light attachment.

<--------- The lighter next to the circuit board gives size perspective. It's tough to focus on that stuff!

The incense sticks from a foot... and from a couple of inches.
(click photos to see the detail)

Seaman Wray doesn't really smoke. He held very still for me to get this shot.


  1. post some macro pics from this if you can.

  2. That close-up cig shot is very well done: never seen it that way before. Put that in your portfolio for now.
    ENS L

  3. I will, thank you! I definitely welcome any and all critiques on my photos.

  4. Wow, I've been looking for this kind of information for a while now! I appreciate the blog. I leave for basic in September I'm also going to be a MC. Please keep updates up after you finish with A school!

  5. Thank you for the feedback. It's good to know that this blog is reaching those who need it most. Out of curiosity, how did you find us?