Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not just breakfast...

Our class, the senior class, had to go to school Saturday to make up for lost snow days.  Arzola, Grimnes and Thomas made breakfast for everyone to ease the pain.  Some of our instructors joined us in enjoying some delicious egg sandwiches.  They told us they liked our display of team spirit.  Hooyah!
Our detachment has a full service kitchen for those who enjoy cooking.
Grimnes serves up eggs to Cotter, who enjoys them with cheese.
Thomas eats her egg sandwich with the pinky of approval raised high. Arzola is mesmerized by the camera.
Many of us choose to eat cereal to save time in the morning, so this was a real treat.
The good food made the day a little easier, and we were happy to see the instructors there. Thanks Arzola, Grimnes and Thomas!

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