Saturday, February 20, 2010


The snow is still here but we were able to go to school all week. To make up for the days we lost last week, we went to school from 0600 to 1800. That's 12 hours baby! And we went most of the day today. No worries, I've worked overtime at jobs before. I've mentioned in previous posts that we PT (physical training) Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 0500 to 0545. It's not too strenuous but it is EARLY. It's the lack of sleep that kills me. I have to be in bed at 2100 (9pm) to get 7 hours sleep. That never happens. Like many other students, I go to bed between 2200 and and 2300, get up at 0430 the next morning and PT. so: On PT days, I go to class for 8 hours on 5-6 hours sleep. {insert massive frowny face}
This is us at 0445 about to head to the gym a few blocks away. It's too cold to run outside. Running outside is cool because we run in formation and sing cadence. Yeah!!
Most Sailors look exactly like Wray this early.
At the gym, Sailors wake up.
Carey, although a bit of a nerd, is a motivational beast during PT. As assistant student leader, his place is on the front line with the section leaders to show the others how it's done.
Pre-stretching decreases chance of injury.
Squat jumps increase EXPLOSIVE POWER!
After pushups and situps, we run around the gym a bunch of times.
Carey gasps out a few more pushups before the session ends with stretching.
Then we all go back to the detachment to get ready for morning quarters (meeting) and school.


  1. Ya Slaughter, I don't think I ever go to bed early enough before PT mornings... and really? a nerd? Ha!
    I have to motivate our future MC's somehow I suppose!

    Great story!