Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No harm no foul!

One of the great things about MC 'A' school is there's always something going on.  Imagine being in a family with 70 brothers and sisters around all the time.  We have a huge pool of bodies to draw on for all sorts of events.  From Ultimate Frisbee and football (when it's warmer) to chess and ping pong tournaments, we're always finding ways to stay active.

Right now it's all about basketball.  Corbin, one of the senior class members, put together a two-week long tourney featuring teams of 3 battling it out during morning PT.

My team lost in the first round but I was able to get some shots of our Sailors in action.  Chief Shavers, our head Electronic Journalism instructor came out to grind out pushups, situps, and jump shots.  I'll be adding photos to this entry as the tournament progresses.

For the record, I'm damn good at racquetball.

 Meineke takes his opponents to the house.

 Chief Shavers contemplates how best to bring the pain.

Meineke watches as his layup hits its mark.

Corbin pauses after a hard-won victory.

 Day two brought emotional highs...

 and lows.

Melkus shoots a jumper as the defense can only watch in awe.

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