Monday, February 8, 2010

Lock down and a Colts loss?

First off, how did the Colts lose that game?  Unbelievable.  It's hard not to feel good for New Orleans, though. A couple years ago they're talking about that town possibly fading out of existence and now....WHO DAT???!!


The weather people were right.  We got BLASTED.  Just outside my window sits 2 1/2 feet of snow.  School, along with the entire base, closed at 1pm Friday.  An hour after, the first flakes starting dropping.  It didn't stop until Saturday afternoon.

About the same time this was going on I got sick.  I'd been feeling rough on Friday but wasn't too worried about it.  I was hit pretty hard with a mid-grade fever (a guess since I don't have a thermometer) and only got out of bed to use the bathroom and eat. (thanks Perreault for heating up my leftovers!)

This place isn't as bad as boot camp to be sick.  Here, if you're sick or injured, you report to sick call before classes start.  They'll give either LLD (light-limited duty) or SIQ (sick in quarters).  LLD means you can go to class, SIQ means keep your butt quarantined.  In my case, there was an insane blizzard outside so I didn't bother trying to get to medical.

And currently, no classes today or tomorrow.  The base is pretty much shut down.  More snow is expected tomorrow...10-20 inches worth.  Again, my class is in trouble as far as photo stories go.  No one that I know of has been able to get off base to shoot anything.  They are due this Thursday.  I have faith our instructors will figure out something.

Even though as the student leader, I no longer have to be on duty, I want to point out:

Being on duty during snow SUCKS. 

I watched this weekend's duty section dig in the snow for hours trying to keep the path to the building clear.

Good job guys!

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