Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow Days

The weather predictors are calling for a weather "event".  That's right, not just a storm but an "event."  Wow.  It's supposed to start snowing tomorrow afternoon and continue through Saturday, with accumulation of 12-20".

This is bad news for my class.  Many of us had photo stories to shoot this weekend, and may not be able to now.  Photo stories are assigned during Intermediate Photo.  The student finds someone (a D.C. food vendor) or something (Ft. Meade fire department) and shoots a bunch of photos that tell a story without words.

I'm doing mine on the piano players at Howl at the Moon and the U.S.S. Constellation, both in Baltimore.  I'll have to try for Sunday...

The good news is this weekend's CDO (Command Duty Officer-they babysit us at night) is MC1 Farr, and she's cool  Word has it she's bought a couple of inner tubes for us to sled on. 

Last thing, I passed Intermediate Photo's only written exam with an 86%.  I'll take it.  I got an 80% on the Awards & Presentations assignment.  That sucks.  Skin color too pink on one, little blurry on another, and captions had a couple of issues.

A few students failed either the test or shooting assignment.  They signed "counciling sheets" and will be able to retest.  If they fail that, they automatically get either recycled to a freshman class or sent to another rate altogether.  Ouch.

Hang in there guys!

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