Monday, March 22, 2010

A 4.1k?!?

Story by SA Thompson
Photos by SR Asato and SA Wade
Saturday we ran a 4.1k around base. Some might tell you it was a 5k, others might say it was 4.4. I think it was a 4.1. The official ruling is that the course was cut short due to communication and technical difficulties...please stand by. All and all, the event went pretty well and we as a group were in high spirits.
We took a few moments to stretch and chat before the official start.
We made some poses for our photo crew, and talked about important things like sushi. We even found time to talk another shipmate into joining in at the last minute.
The weather was beautiful, the road guards were posted and the stopwatch was ready. After a quick group photo on the starting line, we were ready, we were set, and we were go! The winners were as would be expected so I won't bother with those details.
However nobody stopped running.
Everyone kept cheering.
Thompson rounds the final corner as a road guard watches for cars.
The base provides many winding roads to pound the pavement on.
From left, 1st place Moore, 2nd place McCormick, and "best spirit" winner Melkus.
Moore was barely visible three minutes into the race. Melkus finished and ran back to support the stragglers.
Until next time, take a million photos and maybe one of them will be a picture.

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