Sunday, March 21, 2010

There can be only one

Photos by SR Kristina Zhuchenko

Forget March Madness. Fort Meade's where the action is. Recently, in an earth-shattering clash of basketball titans, the champions of Navy basketball emerged.

Bramham, Carey, and Johndro couldn't stop the steam roller that was Carver, Jeffries, Pickett, and Vargas. (one sub)

Final score: 11-1

Search "basketball" on the left for more tournament shots.

Vargas wrecks shop with his jumper.

Anybody's ball, but with the score at 9-1, it's not really anybody's game.

The opposing team spent most of the day looking up at Jeffries.

From left, Pickett, Jeffries, Vargas, and Carver.


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