Saturday, March 20, 2010

Change is in the air

My class has received their orders for the next phase of their Navy careers. Some will travel to Norfolk, Va., others to San Diego, Ca. They will work on amphibs, carriers, or from shore-based facilities. Bryan and I will undergo advanced training for a few more months here at the Defense Information School. The senior class is moving out, and the middle class is standing by to take the reins. The fate of this blog now lies in their hands. I am currently working with members of the middle and baby classes to ensure the Fort Meade Navy detachment keeps putting out great photos and stories long after I'm gone. Here's the plan. When I graduate on April 15th, the 'A' schoolers will take over a new blog. It's under construction right now, but will soon become an outlet for Sailors to hone their skills while telling the Navy story. It will be a "community" site that will be passed down from class to class. The new blog will be administered by a senior class member. All classes will contribute in any way they'd like. Ideally, events will be covered by one or more students, who then turn in their product to the site admin, who uploads it to the web. For the next few weeks, new photographers and writers will be here getting their feet wet.
So what happens to this blog after April 15th? I will continue to blog as much as humanly possible into the future. Ever wonder what the heck 'C' school is? I'll be taking VPD, or Video Production & Documentation until August 24th. Then I plan to write about transitioning to my next duty station in San Diego. And so on.... :) If you're reading this, thank you for your support. It's a huge source of inspiration. Please jump over to the new site and show the other Sailors love as well. And wish us luck during this transfer as we smooth out all the wrinkles!

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