Friday, March 5, 2010

Navy Cadence

This morning it was warm enough (barely) to PT outside. That meant running in formation at 0500, and the opportunity for students to lead the group in calling cadence. These are the days I imagined before joining the military. Running in formation is what esprit de corps is all about. Our detachment's OIC (Officer In Charge), Lieutenant Junior Grade Soltes was there along with Ensign Larson, Chief Carter, Chief Glover, and Chief Fowler.
We form up on the "grinder" or concrete walkway in front of our detachment.
Pimentel does crunches while imagining being somewhere warm.
Riley gets a handful of cold concrete during warm-up stretches.
McCormack and company run past a winded photographer.
From right, LTJG Soltes and Chief Fowler lead the group in cooldown stretches.


  1. It was great to be back out there with all of you!
    Where's my close-up? j/k
    ENS L

  2. You were in your workout zone, sir. I couldn't disturb that with a flash. :D