Friday, March 26, 2010

Hooyah Chiefs!

Today the Navy was out in full force. Senior Chief Chichonowicz and the DINFOS instructors joined us on a rainy morning for PT in the gym. We ran a four corners drill, which involves the three duty sections rotating through sit-up, push-up, and legwork stations.
Gotta stretch those quads! Chief Bansbach and Chief Miller perform warmup stretches.
Chief Glover and Chichonowicz work the abs during scissor kicks.
Petty Officer First Class Wolverton leads the group in leg lifts. From left, Seaman McClearnon, MC1 Wolverton, MC2 Vernon, and MC1 Reeve.
Chief Shavers mines for diamond push-ups.
Chichonowicz leads the way on the runs between stations.
Glover and Vernon perform butterfly stretches to help prevent post-workout injury.
After cool down stretches Chichonowicz congratulated us on a great PT and told us he looked forward to our next one. We'll see you there! * I have an open invitation to anyone who'd like to take me on in racquetball. *

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