Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Looking in at Combat Camera

Today, two members of Combat Camera Pacific paid a visit to our Navy detachment. They traveled across the country to find Sailors worthy of becoming dive-qualified Combat Camera personnel. After testing/interviewing several students for the job, Chief Tilford and Lieutenant Commander Ruh took time to answer any questions we had and to play a couple of kick-ass videos showing what they do for a living.

Combat Camera means deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. It's a topic of interest to many young Sailors here. The room was all ears as Tilford and Ruh took turns explaining how things work outside of our little DINFOS world.

Afterward, there was time for one-on-one questions.
QM2 Hall had a few for Tilford concerning COMCAM.
Lt. Cmdr. Ruh explains options and the importance of forward thinking to Bramham and other students.

All three classes really enjoyed the chance to get some great gouge on a scary-but-exciting career option. We look forward to having Chief Tilford back over the summer!
Did he remind anyone else of Chief McDaniel?
From left, Jandik, Bennett, McCormack, Carey, and Hwang (not pictured) wait to be interviewed.

Not to sound like a dad, but I'm proud of all of you. Hooyah!

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