Thursday, March 25, 2010

Resistance Is Futile

Donnelly would giggle happily for hours after eating this wondrous cookie.
They came, they drooled. They walked away, and came right back. In the end no one could resist the table of homemade happiness that was the Navy bake sale.
We set up a table just outside the student entrance to DINFOS.
There were so many beautiful desserts there I can hardly write about it. Those things on the bottom right are banana cheesecakes!
The sweets were cooked by a bunch of volunteers, many of whom I NEVER would've expected to be comfortable in a kitchen...
Thompson was one of the chefs. That guy's all over the place lately... :)
These babies may clog an artery, but the money they raised will go toward a good cause.
"a transitional residence, academic and vocational training, spiritual development, and communal support to women who are rebuilding their lives from hurtful choices of unfortunate circumstances."
Koerber and Allan, Navy pastry salesmen. Every branch showed their support.
At the end of the day, Melchor, our master chef, tries to secretly chew on some pastry.
The participants all received Bravo Zulus from CS2 Preston, our barracks manager and MTI (military training instructor). BZs are a way to show recognition of a job well done. They can be used for one free duty day, PT day, or room inspection. From way down to the left are Pickett, Koerber, Melchor, Allan, Riley, Thompson, and White.
I think I missed someone...

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