Sunday, March 14, 2010

Laser Tag Armageddon!

Yesterday, at Red Zone Adventures, 45 Sailors charged into battle. The arena quickly became stained with splashes of blue and green light. Cries of "Hooyah!" mixed with curses (G-rated) from warriors as they fell. I put down my rifle and picked up my overmatched point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot to cover the scene.

The students cheer for their private room that included pizzas and drinks.

An event like this is great because it gives the students from different classes a chance to get to know each other. Senior, middle, and baby class all had a great time.

Carey and his brother Jarrod proved that two heads are better than one.

In a laser tag arena, there's too many places the enemy can come from. It's impossible to have eyes in the back of your head. Teamwork keeps you alive longer.

Some brave Sailors attempted the laser maze.

Straight out of "Ocean's Twelve", it was a true test of one's flexibility, dexterity, and patience.

In a more relaxed but no less challenging area was Glow-In-The-Dark Urban Golf.

The carpet was wet and the room smelled kind of like mildew, but that didn't stop several golfers from sinking holes-in-one.


  1. Great pics! Looked like a kick ass time.

    ENS L

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